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Chronicle and Globe Online

Our websites pull over 400,000 pageviews each semester as over 20,000 unique visitors rely on us for news, sports, arts, and other campus coverage..

Digital Solutions

University Broadcast Network

UBN is a collection of digital billboards located across campus in high-traffic locations. The billboards display University content and advertising in repeating loops. Paid messages are typically shown 3 times for 10 seconds each within the 10 to 20 minute loop.  

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Chronicle, K-Ute, and The Globe Online

Our websites pull 150,00 pageviews each semester as our 100,000 unique visitors look for news, sports, arts, and other coverage.

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Chronicle & The Globe Email Blast

Email Blasts are sent to students, faculty, and staff Monday through Friday at the U and each Wednesday at SLCC.This is a valued source of news for our subscribers.

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K-UTE Radio

K-UTE and RadioSLCC are the student run radio stations for the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College. Listeners can tune into either station online (www.kuteradio.org www.radioslcc.com). K-UTE is also available via our iPhone app, or on channel 99 in the dorms. Since moving to an online format the number of listeners has grown rapidly. This is a great time to reach students through this affordable medium.”


Advertisers have the option of running ads on air throughout the day, or coming on campus for a live remote. Our staff can also provide audio production, voice over, and other studio work for a nominal fee.”

Internet Marketing

We also offer internet marketing solutions help your local business be found online, such as: website optimization, social media management, local profiles, and pay per click advertising management.