U Media Sales | Signage
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Advertising Options

University Broadcast Network

UBN is a collection of digital billboards located across campus in high-traffic locations. The billboards display University content and advertising in repeating loops. Paid messages are typically 10 seconds long and are shown about 18 times each hour on 70 screens across campus.


1920 x 1080 pixels

1080 x 1920 pixels 

Rack Ads

Ad Specs: 17″ x 21″ plus bleed


Rack Ads are large posters placed on racks where students pick up The Chronicle and The Globe.


Ad Specs: 24 inch  x 36 inch 


A-Frames provide a targeted approach to reach the 32,000+ students that walk around campus each day. These can be placed in high traffic areas and targeted to specific audiences based on their major. These 2-sided signs are a great way to reach the campus community.


Ask your representative for details regarding availability and sign placement.